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NEW SONG & VIDEO: SZA- “Love Galore”

The most anticipated song of 2017 (in my world) was finally released! It’s cause for a celebration.  Continue reading NEW SONG & VIDEO: SZA- “Love Galore”


NEW SONG & VIDEO: Migos- “T-Shirt”

Momma told me. not to sell work. 17-5 same color t-shirt.

Migos, the rap group hailing from Atlanta, has had an incredible end of 2016-beginning of 2017. They released a song called “Bad and Boujee” at the end of October and as the fans grew to adore the song, the group was able to watch that song gain so much speed to  watch the song eventually climb all the way to NUMBER ONE on the Billboard Hot 100 chart… incredible. I am indeed a fan of the song, although I was late initially listening to it, but I still love the song and the video nonetheless. Great for them, great for rap and great for the culture. Continue reading NEW SONG & VIDEO: Migos- “T-Shirt”

NEW SONG & VIDEO: Steve Lacy- “Some”

Steve Lacy just released a new song to his Soundcloud page and it has me excited. If you’re not familiar with Steve Lacy, he is the guitarist in the band The InternetThe first song I heard with Steve singing was the song “Palace/Curse” on The Internet’s album Ego Death. Steve can be heard on the second part of the song ,”Curse”, which he also wrote and produced… one of the many bright spots on that album. Steve’s voice reminds of Pharrell and a little Thundercat as well. He also has this old school, 70’s/80’s sound that I’m really feeling these days. The song is a preview of what is to come from Steve and I can’t wait to hear more from him. You can listen to “Some” below.

Update! Shortly after I finished this post, Steve Lacy debuted the video for this song. Link below. Continue reading NEW SONG & VIDEO: Steve Lacy- “Some”


Junglepussy has done it again with another crazy video. Junglepussy, a female rapper hailing from NYC, has released another video, this time to her song “Spicy103 FM”. This song is featured on her latest project “Pregnant with Success”. I really like Junglepussy. I love her classic NYC hip-hop sound. I enjoy her girl empowerment messages that she has in her music and videos. I love the colors of this video, the radio DJ theme that has been used many times over, and her fingerwaves with the soft pink coat… she’s ALWAYS giving LOOKS. She’s underrated, but so are many other female rappers.