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NEW VIDEO: Kendrick Lamar & Rihanna- “LOYALTY”

Kendrick Lamar has dropped another visual, this time it’s featuring Rihanna! Kendrick released his video for his song featuring Rihanna, “LOYALTY”. I love seeing Rihanna in videos so I was so happy when the video dropped.

The video is really dope, it’s like an “action” themed video. Kendrick is like the only one right now that is actually releasing VISUALS to go with the song. This video keeps you watching and I just love seeing Rihanna… and Kendrick, they’re a good duo.


ALBUM REVIEW: 10 Years Later


Happy Anniversary #Navy, it’s been TEN YEARS since the release of Good Girl Gone Bad! Can you believe it!? (I will be talking about songs from Reloaded as well, just fyi) Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: 10 Years Later

#TBT: Rihanna- “We Found Love”

In honor of Rihanna’s ANTI World Tour coming to an end last night, why not celebrate one of the queen’s classics for a throwback Thursday? One of Rihanna’s biggest singles to date is “We Found Love” from her 2011 album release, Talk That Talk. “WFL” was written and produced by Calvin Harris and also featured his style of music, house music.

As the song was released, the music video came soon after. The video was released and was deemed controversial soon after. The video features drugs, sex, violence, and a Chris Brown doppleganger, which made many believe the video was based on Rihanna’s relationship with Chris Brown. The video takes you on a ride, one that you’re more than willing to take with RiRi. “We Found Love” is one of Rih’s biggest songs to date and is also her best music video ever.

A Review: 6 Years Later

Let me preface by saying this… 2010 is an incredibly underrated year for music. I couldn’t decide for the longest which album/mixtape to review. The options were endless from Erykah Badu to Jazmine Sullivan to Rihanna to Kanye West. My top choices were Rihanna’s Loud, Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Trey Songz’s Passion, Pain, Pleasure plus a few other good candidates. I even considered Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. Of course I had to decide on one… and that one is Nicki Minaj’s debut album, Pink Friday.


Continue reading A Review: 6 Years Later

Unbiased Review: Rihanna- ‘ANTI’


*Warning, long post, sharing my feelings about Rihanna, but good read I promise*

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was actually last week  (I began writing this a long time ago and scrapped it, then picked it back up and finished it) going on 5 months ago . After MUCH anticipation, Rihanna released her eighth and long-awaited album, ‘ANTI’. I’m going to go back a little, lay the foundation, which will then lead to a review of the album. Continue reading Unbiased Review: Rihanna- ‘ANTI’