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NEW ARTIST: Tone Stith

This is my first time using the “New Artist” title for a blog but it seemed like there was no other way to introduce this artist than by calling him a “new artist”. He goes by the name of Tone Stith and he is a 22-year-old singer/songwriter/producer hailing from my hometown, Houston, TX, he is actually from the tri-state area, just not sure where. Tone Stith was first introduced to the world when he received writer and producer credits on the 2015 Chris Brown hit, “Liquor”. I love reading writing credits and all that so when “Liquor” came out, I remember going to Wikipedia and first discovering Tone Stith that way. I’m almost positive I then searched for him on Instagram and began scrolling from there. Tone Stith is signed to Young Empire Music Group, which is run by Jas Prince. 

Tone Stith is an R&B singer and to me, he’s not like any of the other male R&B singers out right now. Tone Stith has actual vocal talent, vocal ability, unlike many of these mainstream R&B singers, and that’s not shade, it’s just facts. I find myself not enjoying many of the current male R&B acts right now, but Tone Stith’s music is not like what I have been hearing from the others. Again, I love his voice and I love his writing style. He has old school lyrics with new school beats. I think Tone Stith can make some head way in this industry, especially with the likes of Drake cosigning you. Last week, Champagnepapi posted to his Instagram a video of Tone Stith rehearsing while covering his song, “Maddiba Riddim”. I loved the cover, I felt he gave “Maddiba Riddim” a new life with the way he sang it. I hope to be hearing more from Tone Stith very soon and also, check out his EP titled Can We Talk on all streaming services.

a couple videos and songs below…
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