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NEW SONG: Tyler, the Creator- “911/Mr. Lonely”

New music from Tyler, the Creator! This time featuring Frank Ocean!

Tyler, the Creator must be gearing up for an album release because he recently released a few new songs. One song was called “Who Dat Boy” featuring ASAP Rocky and the other song is a two-parter titled “911/Mr. Lonely” featuring Frank Ocean. “911” has an easy-going feel to it, sounds like a song that could have been on Tyler’s last album, Cherry Bomb. “911” is just about Tyler wanting this girl to call him sometime, so simple yet direct. The chorus also features the incredible Steve Lacy on the backing vocals, adding his impeccable tone to the chorus. He’s so dope. Frank Ocean also comes in towards the end of the song, singing a couple bars. Then Tyler raps a couple bars to end this part of the song. I just love hearing music like this and to know that this is the direction music is going in makes me so happy, just good music that’s not about drugs and other bullsh-t, just music that makes you feel good. Makes you want to sing along.

“Mr. Lonely” is the second part of the song. It has an intro and it features Tyler, ASAP Rocky, and Schoolboy Q and they’re repeating, “I can’t even lie I’ve been lonely as f-ck”, they say that line multiple times then Tyler goes off for many bars. The way Tyler raps, you can’t necessarily catch what he’s saying, you always have to read the lyrics to understand what he’s talking about. But it’s really good nonetheless.

I am not sure when this untitled Tyler, the Creator is coming out but I will stay updated on that. I haven’t anticipated a Tyler, the Creator album in awhile but I’m ready for this one.


REVIEW: Steve Lacy’s Demo

No matter how much I tell myself basically every day that I need to write something new, I somehow never do. I think I need more alone time but anyways, here’s something new.


My dad told me I’m obsessed with 70’s music. Music from the 70’s had this sound that I can’t really describe, I just know that it’s easy on the ears and the sound reminds me of a pretty day at the beach. Well, it just so happened that there are a handful of artists today that are inspired by such sound. Thundercat is leading the pack with the 70’s-esque music but there is a newcomer who is making a strong case for a future Best New Artist award and he goes by the name of Steve Lacy. Continue reading REVIEW: Steve Lacy’s Demo