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NEW ARTIST: Tone Stith

This is my first time using the “New Artist” title for a blog but it seemed like there was no other way to introduce this artist than by calling him a “new artist”. He goes by the name of Tone Stith and he is a 22-year-old singer/songwriter/producer hailing from my hometown, Houston, TX, he is actually from the tri-state area, just not sure where. Tone Stith was first introduced to the world when he received writer and producer credits on the 2015 Chris Brown hit, “Liquor”. I love reading writing credits and all that so when “Liquor” came out, I remember going to Wikipedia and first discovering Tone Stith that way. I’m almost positive I then searched for him on Instagram and began scrolling from there. Tone Stith is signed to Young Empire Music Group, which is run by Jas Prince. 

Tone Stith is an R&B singer and to me, he’s not like any of the other male R&B singers out right now. Tone Stith has actual vocal talent, vocal ability, unlike many of these mainstream R&B singers, and that’s not shade, it’s just facts. I find myself not enjoying many of the current male R&B acts right now, but Tone Stith’s music is not like what I have been hearing from the others. Again, I love his voice and I love his writing style. He has old school lyrics with new school beats. I think Tone Stith can make some head way in this industry, especially with the likes of Drake cosigning you. Last week, Champagnepapi posted to his Instagram a video of Tone Stith rehearsing while covering his song, “Maddiba Riddim”. I loved the cover, I felt he gave “Maddiba Riddim” a new life with the way he sang it. I hope to be hearing more from Tone Stith very soon and also, check out his EP titled Can We Talk on all streaming services.

a couple videos and songs below…
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#TBT: Rihanna- “We Found Love”

In honor of Rihanna’s ANTI World Tour coming to an end last night, why not celebrate one of the queen’s classics for a throwback Thursday? One of Rihanna’s biggest singles to date is “We Found Love” from her 2011 album release, Talk That Talk. “WFL” was written and produced by Calvin Harris and also featured his style of music, house music.

As the song was released, the music video came soon after. The video was released and was deemed controversial soon after. The video features drugs, sex, violence, and a Chris Brown doppleganger, which made many believe the video was based on Rihanna’s relationship with Chris Brown. The video takes you on a ride, one that you’re more than willing to take with RiRi. “We Found Love” is one of Rih’s biggest songs to date and is also her best music video ever.