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ALBUM REVIEW: 10 Years Later


Happy Anniversary #Navy, it’s been TEN YEARS since the release of Good Girl Gone Bad! Can you believe it!? (I will be talking about songs from Reloaded as well, just fyi) Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: 10 Years Later


Unbiased Review: Rihanna- ‘ANTI’


*Warning, long post, sharing my feelings about Rihanna, but good read I promise*

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was actually last week  (I began writing this a long time ago and scrapped it, then picked it back up and finished it) going on 5 months ago . After MUCH anticipation, Rihanna released her eighth and long-awaited album, ‘ANTI’. I’m going to go back a little, lay the foundation, which will then lead to a review of the album. Continue reading Unbiased Review: Rihanna- ‘ANTI’