VIDEO: Into You- Ariana Grande

This blog will also feature videos that I like, whether they be new or old videos. Just sharing good content.

Ariana Grande recently released her third album, Dangerous Woman. Her second single off the album is a song called “Into You”, which I hope turns into a number one soon. She released the video to the song a few days ago and it features male model Don Benjamin. Many speculate that the guy Ariana is wrapped in arms with on the red carpet is Big Sean. It makes kinda sense but I don’t really read into stuff like that. Anyways, video is dope, probably her best video yet. I’m warming up to her. But yeah, video below.


Since 2013, many WOP fans have been screaming #FreeGucci. Well, Gucci has been freed and he wasted no time getting in the studio and releasing music. His re-introduction came with the song “#FirstDayOutThaFeds”, which he revealed he wrote while behind bars. I was excited to hear that Gucci had been released and I am ready for new music. I have been listening to Diary of A Trap God in celebration of his release. Check out his new song “#FirstDayOutThaFeds” below. Continue reading #GUCCIFREE

The beginning!

I finally decided to stop being lazy and indecisive. I have wanted to make a music blog for a long time and here it is. I plan on posting an assortment of music on to this site, for the simple fact that I enjoy all types of music. I will also be giving my opinion on a few things pertaining to music. Hope you enjoy.