NEW SONG & VIDEO: Jorja Smith- “On My Mind”

UK’s newest rising star goes by the name of Jorja Smith and boy is she making waves. Jorja Smith is an uber-talented singer who was first introduced to the world as a feature on Drake’s album More Life. She stood out instantly on the song “Get It Together” and she hasn’t looked back since. Jorja has been featured on many songs since then, one highlight being the Kali Uchis song “Tyrant”, another good record. Jorja has a powerful voice that allows her to stand out from the rest. 

I want to say “On My Mind” is her first single from an untitled upcoming project… I’m not totally sure but I hope it is. “On My Mind” is produced by someone named Preditah whom I have never heard of until this song but I’m assuming he’s a force in the UK, because this song is great. “On My Mind” has this nineties, UK garage sound to it and it’s sooo good. I listened to the song like five times in a row earlier today because it’s so infectious and fun. The video is cool too, a nineties vibe to match the song. Jorja is just chilling in her oversized jacket, having fun with her friends, and enjoying the song… I wish I could have been a part of this video.



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