NEW SONG: Daniel Caesar- “Hold Me Down”

Up and coming R&B star Daniel Caesar released his debut album, Freudian, on August 25th. The album was anticipated by many R&B music followers and the album did not disappoint. Daniel Caesar has this classic, old-school-like R&B sound that many have been waiting on. There are many male R&B acts today but none like Caesar. It’s the delivery, how he uses his falsetto, and the instrumentation he adds to make his songs that much better.

One song that stood out to me the most was a song called “Hold Me Down”. It begins with this dazed sounding, dream-like recording of a woman and I guess his recollection of the last thing she said to him. Then, the guitars start along with vocals as Caesar says, “if you love me baby let me hear you say it I know I’m your favorite”. This song just has a really good feel to it, and it’s music that is not being made very often today. Not much has to be said, it’s one of those that is loved as soon as the song starts. It also has this second part to it, and he is being assisted with vocals by a woman and her voice is so dreamy. They were excellent playing off of each other. Amazing song overall.

If you haven’t already, go check out Daniel Caesar’s debut album Freudian.



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