NEW SONG: SZA- “Broken Clocks”

SZA is gearing up for her debut album release and building a huge buzz in the process. SZA has now released three singles in preparation for her album, “Drew Barrymore”, “Love Galore”, and now “Broken Clocks”. All three of those aforementioned songs could individually be lead singles for anybody’s album but SZA has all three on her album and it’s not even out yet!

SZA just released a song called “Broken Clocks”, the third and probably final song she releases before the album. “Broken Clocks” is very R&B/Hip Hop to me. The beat could easily be rapped on but here comes SZA, singing on rap beats and making it sound like the beat was never supposed to be rapped on in the first place. Based off this song, I can tell she has a really good ear for beats. She knows what beats will compliment her best and she executes them flawlessly and “Broken Clocks” is another example of that. She’s talking about day jobs, old relationships, and just getting by… the story of all of us twenty-somethings. I love her writing style along with her voice, just anxiously waiting to hear how she puts her album together. I just know it’s gonna be perfect. Also I can tell she really took cues from Rihanna when they worked together, but that topic is for another day.

When I heard “Drew Barrymore”, I knew SZA had something brewing, then I heard “Love Galore” and I knew I was purchasing the album first day, and NOW with “Broken Clocks”… she’s reaching “classic” levels and the album isn’t even out yet. I know I know, slow my roll, these could be the best 3 songs on the album blah blah… but what if they aren’t? Granted, all 3 of those songs are f-cking amazing and it would be very hard to top those songs but it seems like she’s just releasing songs for the hell of it because she knows they’re all good. Look, SZA turned me into a “stan” literally overnight so I am afraid of what this album is going to do…

Go enjoy the song as much as I have 🙂


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