NEW SONG & VIDEO: Kali Uchis- “Tyrant”

ATTENTION! PSA! Kali Uchis will be releasing her debut studio album very soon! I repeat! Kali Uchis will be… yeah she just released her first single from her debut album.

As of right now, there is no album title or release date for Kali Uchis’ debut album but what I do know is that the album is coming soon. Last year, Kali released a song called “Only Girl” featuring Steve Lacy and that song lead many of us to believe the album was on the way… not quite. Kali released that song April of 2016 and we are now at the end of May 2017. That’s not the point though… the album is near this time, I know it and she starts this Untitled album era off right with the song “Tyrant”. “Tyrant” features British singer Jorja Smith (who was featured on Drake’s album More Life) and this song is wow. First, I must ask… has Kali Uchis missed yet? No. Second, I’m so happy she put Jorja on this song, she’s sooo dope to me.

“Tyrant” has so many different flavors. It is dancehall-like, but Kali is also singing in Spanish at various parts in the song. It’s just a song that instantly makes you want to dance. Kali and Jorja are both singing about a love that they never want to let go of and I guess the title comes from the lyrics basically saying that neither wants to let the other have control of the relationship.  Oh yeah, I love Jorja’s voice, I’m ready for her solo project. She was great on “Get It Together” with Drake and she makes another strong case for herself with “Tyrant”. Two amazingly dope female artists. #GirlPower

There is no album title or release date for Kali Uchis but I will make sure to post about it when it is released or whatever. If you haven’t already, listen to Kali’s solo project that “put her on the map” if you will, it’s called Por Vida. It’s on every music outlet so go listen, you won’t be disappointed.


NEW SONG: Kodie Shane- “Can You Handle It”

I can’t say this song is new, but it’s pretty new to me so just go with it.

There is a new artist on the horizon and her name is Kodie Shane. She is an 18 year old rapper/singer from Atlanta and she is creating her own lane. Kodie has this Pop-R&B sound while rapping/singing over trap beats that no one is really doing right now. Her soft voice also makes for a good pop sound so I think she has a future. Kodie has a song out called “Can You Handle It” and it’s a young love, you’re my boyfriend-type song. Continue reading NEW SONG: Kodie Shane- “Can You Handle It”

NEW SONG: Njomza- “sad for you”

I’ve been trying to revert back to some of my old ways, by listening to music regardless of familiarity with the artist. All I do now is listen to the same songs, same artists, and doing that keeps me from listening to new music. So, I went out on a whim (sort of) and listened to Njomza’s new project called Sad for You. To be honest, I’m familiar with Njomza because of all of her music with Mac Miller (one of my favorite rappers), so I can’t say I just listened to some random artist for the first time… but I do my best. Continue reading NEW SONG: Njomza- “sad for you”