I am going to try my hardest not to make this review too long but I can’t make any promises.

Drake released his latest project, which he so selectively called a “playlist”, on March 18th titled More Life. After many release delays, Drake finally released the anticipated project and of course shortly after the release, everyone turned into a rap critic. It’s something about Drake, for some reason he’s the one that is doing things that have never been done in this current music world that we live in and it’s like, people don’t like him for it. I’ll get to all this later on. Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: ‘More Life’


REVIEW: Steve Lacy’s Demo

No matter how much I tell myself basically every day that I need to write something new, I somehow never do. I think I need more alone time but anyways, here’s something new.


My dad told me I’m obsessed with 70’s music. Music from the 70’s had this sound that I can’t really describe, I just know that it’s easy on the ears and the sound reminds me of a pretty day at the beach. Well, it just so happened that there are a handful of artists today that are inspired by such sound. Thundercat is leading the pack with the 70’s-esque music but there is a newcomer who is making a strong case for a future Best New Artist award and he goes by the name of Steve Lacy. Continue reading REVIEW: Steve Lacy’s Demo