NEW SONG: SZA- “Drew Barrymore”

I honestly never thought I was going to be a fan of any of SZA’s music but she is slowly winning me over.

First, she tugs at me when she was featured on ANTI and now she has this song that came out of nowhere and is amazing and is completely converting me to her fandom. SZA has released her first single for her upcoming album CTRL, titled “Drew Barrymore”. The song is very 90’s romantic comedy film-like… I guess that’s why it’s called “Drew Barrymore”. The song is just really good, I tend to enjoy music that sounds like it’s from a completely different era or that reminds me of the beach… this song does both. I am anticipating SZA’s album now and will hopefully be reviewing the album within the next few weeks.

SZA’s debut album CTRL is dropping on February 3rd  June 9th. Support good musicc 🙂




NEW SONG: Syd- “Body”

Aaliyah would be proud. For some reason, as soon as I heard this song I thought of Aaliyah. I hate to compare but one thing Aaliyah and Syd share when it comes to vocals is their ability to add air to the sound of their voice. I don’t know how to describe it but they both make their voices sound so soft and air-y. idk.

Syd is really making a strong case for her debut album, Fin. Not surprising though. Syd’s album is coming out on February 3rd and the way her music is set up… it should be a successful release. Her latest single is titled “Body” and it’s just… wow. So good. It has a 2000’s R&B era essence and reminds me of the R&B we used to listen to. Anything Syd does I enjoy so I’m really excited for this album, especially after hearing this song. I love the beat and I am in loooove with her voice. She’s a star.

Be on the look out for her debut album Fin, dropping on February 3rd. Support good musiccc 🙂

NEW SONG: Syd- “All About Me”

A solo project from Syd is finally on its way!

Syd, lead vocalist in the group The Internet, is releasing her debut album very soon… like February 3rd soon. Her album is titled Fin and the album will feature 12 songs, one being her first single called “All About Me”. The song is produced by Steve Lacy (band member of The Internet), and surprisingly, she is rapping in this song. I guess I can’t say I’m surprised that she is rapping, more so surprised with the style of rap she chose for this song. The flow is very modern, trap-like, but very smooth… the smoothness is something she has mastered. The beat is craaazy. Steve Lacy is quietly becoming an all around musician and I am very impressed with him.

I am very excited for Syd’s album because I know she won’t disappoint. Be on the look out for her debut album Fin, dropping February 3rd. Support good music 🙂

NEW SONG & VIDEO: Migos- “T-Shirt”

Momma told me. not to sell work. 17-5 same color t-shirt.

Migos, the rap group hailing from Atlanta, has had an incredible end of 2016-beginning of 2017. They released a song called “Bad and Boujee” at the end of October and as the fans grew to adore the song, the group was able to watch that song gain so much speed to  watch the song eventually climb all the way to NUMBER ONE on the Billboard Hot 100 chart… incredible. I am indeed a fan of the song, although I was late initially listening to it, but I still love the song and the video nonetheless. Great for them, great for rap and great for the culture. Continue reading NEW SONG & VIDEO: Migos- “T-Shirt”

NEW SONG: Kari Faux- “Top Down”

top down on the freewaay, skrt skrt.

If you’re a fan of the TV series Insecure, you know this song. Also, if you’re a fan of Kari Faux, you were more than thrilled when you realized Kari had multiple songs played during the show’s first season.

I’m not here to talk about Insecure, only because I will be typing all night. But what I will say is, this show has incredible music. Of course the show features an incredible lineup of music consultants, those being Raphael Saadiq (omg) and Solange Knowles (omg), so the music being amazing is obvious. Back to Kari Faux, a few of her songs can be heard throughout a few episodes in the show, one being the season finale. In the season finale, titled “Broken AF”, Issa and her girlfriends are headed out to Malibu for a weekend getaway. While they are in the car on their way to Malibu, they are listening to a song… a never-heard-before song by Kari Faux. Come to find out, the song was made for the TV show and is also featured on the soundtrack. That song is called “Top Down”. The song is so smooth, so simple, and so Faux. Kari sat down with Billboard and talked about the whole experience and how the song and everything came about, you can read that article here.

Also, a rapper by the name of Leikeli47 is featured on this song and let me tell you… she KIILLED her verse. This is my first time hearing music from her but it most definitely won’t be the last. She’s dope and made this song that much better.

Insecure is awesome and so is Kari Faux.