NEW SONG: Dreezy- “Close to You”

This song is not new at all, but it’s new to me so I’m just gonna call it a new song.

First, I want to shout out Sirius XM radio because without listening to it, there’s no telling how long it would have taken me to discover this song. Second, I am disappointed in myself at how I’ve neglected Dreezy’s album like this for so long.

I’ve known about Dreezy for quite some time but I didn’t get into her music that much… that has since changed. Dreezy released her debut album, No Hard Feelings, in July with many standout songs, “Close to You” being the biggest standout. “Close to You” features T-Pain, meaning the song was insured to be really good. “Close to You” has an amazing beat and it’s just really smooth, like wow. Dreezy is mainly singing on the song while rapping a few bars here and there… she kind of raps while singing at the same time. T-Pain comes on and adds a great verse, the usual. These two somehow were able to become one on this song, I love it. This song is on endless repeat.


#TBT: Future- “Codeine Crazy”

I know this song came out in 2014… but 2 years counts as a “throwback” right? I think so.

Future has been a well known rapper since he stepped on the scene in 2010, but he didn’t become Future of today until the beginning of his astronomical run that started in 2014 with his mixtape, Monster. Monster was sort of the “beginning” for Future and he hasn’t stopped since.

Monster was a great mixtape overall but the mixtape featured a few that can be considered Future “classics”, one being the last song on the mixtape. “Codeine Crazy” is my personal favorite song from him ever and I consider myself a part of the “#FutureHive”. He goes deep for this one, shines a light on some personal issues going on in his life, just lets it all hang out and I love it. I’ve said this before and I’m sticking to it… introspective Future is one of the best rappers I’ve heard. I love his flow, I love how versatile he is, and I love how when he wants to give you bars… that’s exactly what you’re gonna get. Future had 3 different flows on “Codeine Crazy” alone, which is one of the many reasons I love this song. It’s a song that can be listened to for any occasion. One of my favorite songs of the past few years and for sure one of my favorites from Future.

NEW SONG & VIDEO: Steve Lacy- “Some”

Steve Lacy just released a new song to his Soundcloud page and it has me excited. If you’re not familiar with Steve Lacy, he is the guitarist in the band The InternetThe first song I heard with Steve singing was the song “Palace/Curse” on The Internet’s album Ego Death. Steve can be heard on the second part of the song ,”Curse”, which he also wrote and produced… one of the many bright spots on that album. Steve’s voice reminds of Pharrell and a little Thundercat as well. He also has this old school, 70’s/80’s sound that I’m really feeling these days. The song is a preview of what is to come from Steve and I can’t wait to hear more from him. You can listen to “Some” below.

Update! Shortly after I finished this post, Steve Lacy debuted the video for this song. Link below. Continue reading NEW SONG & VIDEO: Steve Lacy- “Some”