#TBT: Tamia- “So Into You”

Beautiful song.

From Tamia’s debut album, self-titled Tamia, she has a classic on her hands with “So Into You”. The song was her second single from the album, released on June 23, 1998. The song became a hit and peaked to #7 on the Billboard Hot R&B/HipHop chart. The original song did not have a feature but Fabolous sampled the song and had Tamia sing the chorus, which he would later release on his own album. Also, Childish Gambino covered this song about a year ago for a Youtube semi-concert series. I will post that video as well. Continue reading #TBT: Tamia- “So Into You”


SONG OF THE DAY: Kari Faux- “Lost En Los Angeles”

Lost in Los Angelessss. 

Off Kari Faux’s debut album Lost En Los Angeles, Kari delivers a very easy going track with the album-titled song, “Lost En Los Angeles”. The beat begins super crazy and wild, then Kari comes on with her very smooth voice and finds a way to keep the song simple. She talks about how life is going as she is trying to transition to LA life and also what she has discovered since being there.

One of the best songs from the album, this song is an easy listen and reminds you of a sunny day in Los Angeles.

NEW SONG: Doja Cat- “Casual”

This song came out like 30 minutes ago but I just had to share this song with others because it’s so good and because I missed her. 

A little background on Doja Cat and my discovery of her. Doja is a 20 year old?? singer from Los Angeles, CA. She is mysterious somewhat, doesn’t have a whole lot of music out but the music she does have out… amazing. I came across Doja one night on YouTube maybe 2 years ago… possibly/probably 3. I was watching a video of a rapper I used to keep up with kinda sorta and he was on this YouTube show called “The Hotbox” with Dumbfoundead. On YouTube, in the sidebar they try to have related videos for your viewing purposes, blah blah. In the sidebar, on another episode of “The Hotbox”, in the little screen cap picture or whatever you call it, I saw this black girl by the name Doja Cat so I immediately clicked on it. I watched the video and fell in love with her. Continue reading NEW SONG: Doja Cat- “Casual”