R.I.P. Mac Miller

You will be missed. You’ve been one of my favorites since I heard “Koolaid and Frozen Pizza”. You’re a legend and you won’t be forgotten.


NEW SONG: 6lack – “Cutting Ties”

This song has been out for about a month but I’ve really been feeling it lately so I wanted to share.

6lack is slowly becoming one of my favorite current artists. He came on to the scene riding his “overnight” success from his album FREE 6LACK. Since then, I make sure to check out whatever he releases or is featured on… he hasn’t disappointed yet. I came to the realization that maybe he was actually pretty talented when I heard him on Syd’s album, Fin. He was featured on a song called “Over”, and his feature was practically flawless. Then, he was featured on a new Timbaland song called “Grab The Wheel”, which is one of my favorite songs of the year so far. So yeah, I’m feeling 6lack. Continue reading NEW SONG: 6lack – “Cutting Ties”

NEW SONG: Kali Uchis- “After the Storm”

Are we finally getting Kali Uchis’ debut album!?

Kali Uchis has been teasing her untitled debut album for about two years now but she has led us to believe the album is finally coming out soon. Uchis announced she would be releasing a song called “After the Storm” featuring Tyler the Creator and Bootsy Collins. At first glance, the connection between her and Tyler is obvious because they have worked together on multiple songs but Boosty Collins?? Interesting. Continue reading NEW SONG: Kali Uchis- “After the Storm”

I saw SZA live in concert last night!


Since SZA released Ctrl back in June, the album has been in heavy rotation. I listen to at least one song from that album everyday, still. The album has such relevance and is just so relatable. Being that Ctrl is one of my favorite albums of the year, it was only right to see SZA in concert right? My friends and I bought the tickets a few months ago and have been anticipating the concert since the album release. On October 3rd, The Ctrl Tour finally made its way to Houston and man did the city come out to see SZA. Continue reading I saw SZA live in concert last night!

NEW SONG & VIDEO: Jorja Smith- “On My Mind”

UK’s newest rising star goes by the name of Jorja Smith and boy is she making waves. Jorja Smith is an uber-talented singer who was first introduced to the world as a feature on Drake’s album More Life. She stood out instantly on the song “Get It Together” and she hasn’t looked back since. Jorja has been featured on many songs since then, one highlight being the Kali Uchis song “Tyrant”, another good record. Jorja has a powerful voice that allows her to stand out from the rest.  Continue reading NEW SONG & VIDEO: Jorja Smith- “On My Mind”

NEW SONG: Daniel Caesar- “Hold Me Down”

Up and coming R&B star Daniel Caesar released his debut album, Freudian, on August 25th. The album was anticipated by many R&B music followers and the album did not disappoint. Daniel Caesar has this classic, old-school-like R&B sound that many have been waiting on. There are many male R&B acts today but none like Caesar. It’s the delivery, how he uses his falsetto, and the instrumentation he adds to make his songs that much better. Continue reading NEW SONG: Daniel Caesar- “Hold Me Down”

NEW SONG: Lil Uzi Vert feat. Pharrell- “Neon Guts”

And I gotta colorful auraaaa like I got neon guts.

Lil Uzi Vert just released his debut album, Luv Is Rage 2, and there is one song on the album in particular that stands out from the rest and it’s called “Neon Guts” featuring Pharrell Williams. Anyone that listens to Lil Uzi Vert knows he’s a big fan of Pharrell and the music he produced in the 2000’s. When I read the track listing I was surprised to see Pharrell featured on the album but also happy for Lil Uzi because I know he’s a huge fan of Pharrell. Them on a track together, I wasn’t expecting much just because I figured their styles would clash on a song… but I have to remember this is Pharrell we’re talking about. Continue reading NEW SONG: Lil Uzi Vert feat. Pharrell- “Neon Guts”